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Aloa_DETECT Fire : Detection of fire risks

Detect hot spots before they cause a fire

The solution aloa_DETECT Fire monitors large areas using thermal imaging cameras and visible cameras.

This system finds application in the repair of gas-powered buses, in municipal waste incinerators and more generally in any unit where the cost of fire risk needs to ensure the best protection possible.

An unexpected hot spot is immediately detected. Depending on the level of the hot spot, a pre-alarm or an alarm is sent to the control panel or any other system providing the intervention.

The film of the incident starts a few seconds or minutes before the start of detection allowing response teams to better understand the problem.

This system includes an interface that allows you to view all connected cameras in a control panel cutting the plants into zones. All functions of digital video are available: 24H/24 recording, on event, zoom ...

Detection technology is based on FLIR Systems cameras, partner of ALOATEC.

Cameras can be mounted on turrets, in protective boxes for outdoor use ... Many installation configurations are possible to accommodate all requests.

Sample of application

Sample in a gas buses reparation garage - Transpole LILLE-FR -

- Video made by FLIR Systems team -


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