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Aloa_DETECT Flare : Flares monitoring

A fast and efficient operational system

The solution Aloa_DETECT Flare monitors drivers and small flames of flares in refineries. This system complements traditional systems of detection by thermocouple. The solution is very sensitive, for example, installed at 300 m distance of the torch, the system can detect a pilot flame 20 cm high.

In case of extinction of the torch, the system sends an alarm to the operator panel of the unit.

The operator views at any time the head of the torch by infrared imaging, providing a day and night view, even under adverse weather conditions (fog, rain ...). This feature is very appreciated by customers and contributes to better functioning of the unit of production (leaks, state of head of the torch ...).

The camera is equipped with automatic protection against direct exposure to sunlight which can destroy the sensor from the thermal camera. During exposure to direct sunlight, the system continues to be operational and protects the torch 24H/24, 365 days a year.

Aloa_DETECT Flare can be equipped with optional fumes emissions measurement solution aloa_DETECT Pollution.

Many installation configurations are available : explosion-proof enclosure, sealed stainless steel case, report in the control room ... Contact us for more information.

This solution is tested and installed on many petrochemical sites for many years.

Thermal cameras are manufactured by the world leader FLIR Systems, partner of ALOATEC.



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