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Aloa_PM10 : Fine dust measurement

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- Monitoring network

Continuous measurement of fine dust emissions in µg/m3

- Environmental studies - Health studies

Fine dust measurements, weather conditions, chemical analysis ... to conduct environmental and health studies

- Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis of the filters of sensors (including heavy metals concentrations)

- Pareto of the main sources

Identification of main fine dust sources by coupling measurements with weather conditions (wind direction)

- Alarms by @mail

Real time view of fine dust emissions - Alarms in case of threshold crossing

- Advices to reduce emissions

Control of your dust emissions by advising you on available techniques


Arcelormittal - Sea-Bulk - Port de Cherbourg - Holcim


Measurement Automatic and simultaneous in µg/m3
Measured fractions TSP / PM10 / PM2.5 / PM1
Sampling Heated head with controlled flow 0,6 L/min
Collection filters FGA filters : circular diameter 25mm
Measurement technology Laser nephelometer
Measurement range 0-6000 µg/m3
Sensibility 0,01 µg/m3
Dimensions Outdoor box 0,7m x 0,7m x 0,5m
Power supply 220V - 55W
Communication Automatic with 3G technology
Data archiving On secured server


Access to measurements via Internet (secured access)

Automatic alarms if the threshold is crossed and interpretation of trends

Pollution roses indicating the directions in which are the main sources

Filtered graphs based on wind directions to find the conditions of dust deposition appearance

Automatic report’s editing



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