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Detection of potential leaks

Detect before it’s too late

Thermal cameras continuously monitors the surface of reactors or high temperature processes in the steel industry.

Failure of protection is immediately detected on the surface temperature and triggers the safety of the unit. The visual control generally leads to intervene too late, when the metal begins to glow, the temperature is already above 700 °C and the breakthrough of the metal envelop is imminent.

FLIR Systems thermal cameras provide reliable and repeatable measurement of surface temperature. These cameras are equipped with an internal calibration to prevent drift over time (FLIR patent). The system provides security through a first pre-alarm threshold and a second alarm threshold.

This solution is for the metal industry (transport of molten metal, metallurgical reactors ...) and any industry that wants to protect hot reactors.

for the steel plant, we have developed a monitoring solution of liquid steel ladle.


  • Hot spot detection thermography
  • Pre-alarm and alarm
  • Communication with process automation
  • Saving a report for every ladle
  • Intranet server data sharing
  • Automatic report display to the ladle workshop


With our application, one of our customers avoided an accident in October 2014.



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