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DETECT Flare - Pilot flame extinction detection and measurement

The DETECT Flare solution is specifically designed to accurately monitor small flames emanating from refinery flares. Complementing traditional thermocouple detection systems, DETECT Flare is easily installed outside refinery shutdowns, providing effective and reliable monitoring.

With exceptional sensitivity, DETECT Flare is able to detect flames as small as 20 cm high, even at a distance of 300 metres from the flare. This remarkable performance enables early detection of anomalies and rapid intervention if the torch is extinguished.

When a torch extinction is detected, the DETECT Flare system sends an immediate alarm to the unit's operator console, enabling rapid decision-making and appropriate safety action.

A key feature of DETECT Flare is its ability to provide a clear and accurate view of the torch nose in infrared imaging, offering day and night monitoring, even in adverse weather conditions such as fog or rain.

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